Dr. Trahan Speaks on The Patient Perspective

Dr. Trahan Speaks on The Patient Perspective


Dr. Trahan: One of the unique aspects of the St. Charles Surgical Hospital experience from a patient’s perspective is that we understand that recovery from breast reconstruction is not only physical. It’s also emotional as well, and we’ve adapted to that, and we’ve been able to address those concerns and improve the experiences of patients by number one: establishing a culture that everyone pulls in the same direction for a common cause, meaning everyone under this roof has bought into what we’re doing, and they are passionate about it. 

The second aspect is that we listen to our patients’ feedback. We always want to evolve to get better, and we want to be a patient-focused center, and the patient feedback is essential to that, and it’s the constant evolving to address those needs.

Dr. Trahan talks about how the patient experience is continually improved by examining the patient perspective. The team at St. Charles Surgical Hospital has an established culture of working together to use that perspective in helping women with both the physical and emotional recovery from breast reconstruction.

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