Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Breast Reconstruction Procedures


Breast reconstruction surgery can be an important part of the overall care plan for breast cancer patients. The good news, for women facing mastectomy or the after-effects of failed breast reconstruction procedures in the past, is that our reconstructive surgery team is here to help. Advances, pioneered at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, combine the latest in breast cancer care with sophisticated plastic surgery techniques to preserve and restore shape, form, beauty, and function.

Please read further for an introduction to the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and our state-of-the-art breast reconstruction procedures, or reach out to our Care Navigator directly for personal assistance.

APEX FlapSM Breast Reconstruction

The APEX FlapSM breast reconstruction is a highly sophisticated microsurgical technique that is used to rebuild the breast lost to mastectomy. Excess living fat from below the belly button is transplanted to the chest to create new breast tissue and restore volume and shape. This technique was pioneered at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and is an advancement over the DIEP procedure.

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DIEP Free Flap Breast Reconstruction

DIEP Flap breast reconstruction (deep inferior epigastric perforator flap) is an advanced microsurgical technique that is used to rebuild the breast lost to mastectomy. In this surgical procedure, excess living fat from below the belly button (abdominal tissue) is transplanted into the chest to give back volume and breast shape. The DIEP Flap procedure is gentler than and preferred by plastic surgeons over older breast reconstruction techniques known as TRAM and Latissimus Flaps.

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Stacked FlapSM Breast Reconstruction

Pioneered at our Center in 2007 by our plastic surgeon team, the Stacked Flap℠ procedure provides a solution for thin women who need reconstruction of a single breast. The Stacked Flap℠ reconstruction allows excess living fat to be transplanted from the tummy to the chest wall for the recreation of a new breast after mastectomy. The fat is collected from the donor site, much like a tummy tuck procedure. In women with less fat to give, the Stacked Flap℠ procedure allows layering, or “stacking,” the available amount of fat for more size and projection in the new breast. For the double Stacked Flap option, see BodyLift Perforator Flap description below.

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Hybrid Breast Reconstruction

Hybrid Breast Reconstruction provides a solution for rebuilding the breasts with natural living fat combined in a single stage with supplemental breast implants. The Hybrid Breast Reconstruction method gives added size and projection to the new breasts when a single donor site tissue transplant is not enough. In women with less body fat, adding a small breast implant (textured breast implants) beneath the living fat transfer can provide the surgical equivalent of a breast augmentation after mastectomy.

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SGAP Breast Reconstruction

Our breast surgeon team at the Center pioneered the bilateral Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator (SGAP) breast tissue reconstruction in 2005. The SGAP procedure is an advanced microsurgical technique that is used to rebuild the breast lost to mastectomy. Living fat is transplanted to the chest muscle from unwanted excess from the upper hip region to give back volume and shape in the newly reconstructed breast while imparting a “butt lift” in the donor site. The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery is more experienced than any other facility in the world for this technique, and the Center’s surgeons have lectured extensively around the world on its application.

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BODY LIFT Flap® Breast Reconstruction

Pioneered at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in 2012, the BODY LIFT Flap® breast reconstruction procedure provides a solution for rebuilding the breasts with natural living fat when a double mastectomy is performed in a thin woman. Similar to the Stacked Flap, the BODY LIFT Flap® breast reconstruction technique gives added size and projection to the new breasts when single donor site tissue is not enough. In this procedure, your surgeon takes tissue from multiple areas to create a permanent implant using tissue reconstruction.

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Implant Breast Reconstruction

Implant Breast Reconstruction provides a solution for the restoration of volume and shape with saline and silicone implants. In implant surgery, the breast implant is inserted at the time of mastectomy. It is supported by a “sling” or “internal bra” made up of collagen sheeting known as a “dermal matrix”. The material is composed of “collagen,” much like that used to inject into the face and lips for cosmetic enhancement. When you meet with us to discuss your mastectomy and breast reconstruction, we can also discuss whether you’d prefer saline breast implants or other breast implant options like silicone implants.

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Botched Breast Reconstruction

Women who have experienced a failed or “botched” breast reconstruction or nipple and areola reconstruction in the past are often delighted to find out that our experience and expertise can help. Creative artistry and sophisticated microsurgical procedures allow the surgeons at our Center to correct or dramatically improve even the most disappointing outcomes. It is no longer necessary to live with chronic pain or disfigurement from previous procedures. After going through cancer treatments and other breast operations, a skilled plastic surgeon can help you reach your desired results.

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Lumpectomy Repair

Lumpectomy is commonly recommended for early-stage breast cancer. This approach can be appealing to women battling breast cancer, as it represents an opportunity to minimize surgery and preserve the affected breast. For a Lumpectomy to be effective, it requires a series of radiation therapy treatments following the surgery. Lumpectomy/Radiation treatment plans are often referred to as “breast conservation therapy.” However, it is not uncommon for a Lumpectomy, particularly after associated radiation, to leave the breast smaller, distorted, or even overtly deformed. This is particularly true for women with smaller breasts. Reconstruction with natural living fat can improve these impacts in many cases.

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Nipple Reconstruction Procedures

3D Nipple and Areola

When Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (“NSM”) isn’t an option or breast reconstruction takes place at a time after mastectomy (“delayed breast reconstruction”), the newly reconstructed breast may be completed with a recreation of the nipple as the finishing touch.

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4D Nipple® and Areola

Pioneered by our surgeons at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in 2016, 4D Nipple Reconstruction® is a method that may be used to add the ultimate realism to finish breast reconstruction with artistic elegance. By combining delicate reconstructive design and dimensional pigment application, the 4D Nipple® procedure completes the restoration of beauty and wholeness.

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Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM) is a surgical advancement for women undergoing removal of the breast due to breast cancer or as a preventative measure known as risk reduction surgery. Through a small incision, all of the breast glandular tissue is removed from beneath the overlying skin and nipple. The full breast skin envelope and nipple are left completely intact without scar tissue.

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CRBS Plastic Surgeon FAQs


It is possible that a breast reduction procedure can be performed in conjunction with the removal of a tumor to achieve both at the same time. As always, this depends on your individual needs.


According to NIH, immediate reconstruction is done at the same time as your mastectomy, while delayed reconstruction is done months or years after your mastectomy.


According to the Mayo Clinic, radiation therapy is an effective way to reduce breast cancer recurrence.


This approach to breast cancer treatment is meant to improve cosmetic outcomes while removing cancerous tumors from the breast.


Silicone implants have a more natural feel and tend to resemble natural breast tissue more closely. In contrast, saline implants have a rounder shape and are more firm to the touch. Learn more about implant reconstruction with CRBS.


Tissue expansion is a technique used after a mastectomy to increase the amount of tissue surgeons have to work with when they are recreating or implanting an implant.


Breast cancer treatment of any kind is a difficult journey. Whether you’re in need of a breast implant or nipple reconstruction, our doctors will work diligently to ensure you feel comfortable and happy with your reconstructed breast.

CRBS has a suite of innovative and transformative breast reconstruction procedures, and care navigators can help patients decide the best path forward.

Reach out to our expert team of care navigators to learn about the different types of breast reconstruction options available to you.


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