Caren's Story

Caren explains her journey through her breast cancer diagnosis and learning to celebrate her life.

The following contains images of advanced surgical breast reconstruction results and includes nudity.

Corrective Breast

Caren contacted the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery seeking help after double mastectomy and disfigurement from six failed attempts at breast reconstruction by major cancer centers outside of New Orleans.

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Body-lift Flap

Her corrective work was done with the “Body-Lift” procedure pioneered at The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery.
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Body-lift Flap

Her transplant was accomplished with advanced precision microsurgery to recreate a living breast replacement.

Body-lift Flap

Because she was thin, the fat was arranged in layers to achieve the proper size.

Living fat was transplanted from the bikini line of her tummy and hips to rebuild her breasts and repair the damage from previous surgeries.

The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery’s “4D Nipple Reconstruction” completed her restoration.

Before and After


They assured me that I'd be whole again and gave me hope and confidence that they could do it.

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Where Innovation Takes Shape

St. Charles Surgical Hospital

The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, affiliated with the St. Charles Surgical Hospital—the only hospital in the world dedicated to breast reconstruction for women facing breast cancer—was established to serve as a dedicated center of excellence for women seeking the most advanced methods of breast reconstruction.

Frank J. DellaCroce, MD, FACS; David S. Cabiling, MD; Stacy R. Henderson, MD; Scott K. Sullivan, MD, FACS; Chris Trahan, MD, FACS; M. Whitten Wise, MD; and Sarosh Naz Zafar, MD are pioneers in the art of rebuilding breasts lost to cancer, preventive mastectomy, developmental defects, and deformities associated with previous surgery. Their sophisticated microsurgical techniques allow for recreation of the breast with natural tissue while preserving strength and restoring beauty.

Together, with our Breast Oncology team Surgical Breast Oncologist W. Karl Ordoyne, MD, FACS and Mary Jo Wright, MD, FACS and Clinical Breast Oncologist Alan Stolier, MD, FACS, they comprise a group of international leaders in breast cancer surgery options, pioneering groundbreaking procedures including Nipple Sparing Mastectomy, the Stacked Flap SM, the SGAP, the BODY LIFT Flap®, and the APEX FlapSM.

They have performed over 10,000 breast reconstruction procedures for women facing breast cancer, seeking BRCA risk reduction, or searching for solutions to existing breast deformities. The Center is tailored and staffed to cater to the needs of clientele who travel from all over the world for their services.


Dr. DellaCroce: We started with a tiny team and a huge vision. The vision was pretty simple. The notion that we had back then is that we could do something extraordinary, that we could become the best of the best at what we do. But there was room for improvement in the world of care for women affected by breast cancer, that was so substantial. Yet, we had to do it.

Liz: I left my job of 17 years because I felt what they did was so important because what they’re all about was amazing; was absolutely amazing, and how they cared and loved people. Before Katrina, they were really getting underway with getting this site built and refurbished and outfitted to be a facility that they could see their patients in and considered as their office.

Dr. Sullivan: We decided we want to try to create a better experience, to try to control the environment — to control the quality. Shortly thereafter is when Katrina hit.

Dr. DellaCroce: And so, through whatever reason, whether it was temporary insanity, divine inspiration, or some combination of both, it occurred to me that we might be able to acquire more of the block than we had at that point. It’s very, very real ways this entire facility is the house that Katrina built. Had Katrina not happened, that opportunity would not have been there. Its support of the build-out wouldn’t have been there either.

Dr. Sullivan: Without the space, we would have cramped quarters. You can’t deliver a product, or the service, or the security, or the plushness that we wanted; without the space. 

Dr. DellaCroce: The collection of events that came together to make all that happen were, were meant to be. This place is a place that’s different because of the purpose.


It has made me whole again.

Deidra – Double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction, nipple reconstruction, and 3D tattooing

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