BODY LIFT Flap Photos

BODY LIFT Flap® Breast Reconstruction Result Photos

Pioneered at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in 2012, the BODY LIFT Flap® breast reconstruction procedure provides a solution for rebuilding the breasts with natural living fat when a double mastectomy is performed in a thin woman. Similar to the Stacked FlapSM, the BODY LIFT Flap® breast reconstruction technique gives added size and projection to the new breasts when single donor site tissue is not enough. In women with less body fat, the layering or “stacking” of available donor tissue to rebuild the breasts after bilateral mastectomy can restore shape and size beyond that of ordinary flap procedures. A BODY LIFT Flap® incision design in the waist gives both a tummy tuck reshaping and a lift of the buttocks in the donor site. The added careful preservation of muscle structure and strength provide for overall long-term results that are groundbreaking.

The following contains images of advanced surgical breast reconstruction results and includes nudity.

Before & After Implant Removal and BodyLift Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction with 4D Nipples

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