Travel for Medical Care

The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery is a destination for breast cancer patients from around the world. As the only hospital dedicated to reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients, we receive patients from across the country as well as overseas. By taking advantage of our facility’s exceptional care, you and your loved ones can make the occasion an opportunity to visit New Orleans.

Special Services for Travelers

We are accustomed to travelers from nearby cities and distant states, and we are more than happy to help you make your travel arrangements. Our full-time patient support staff will work with you in planning your flight, accommodations, transportation, meals, and even sight-seeing (should time allow). Our goal is to make your care at our center as easy as possible.

We also have resources available for patients who need help to enable them to travel. Our team can assist with such economic issues like job retention, transportation to medical treatment, and child care. Our Patient Relations and Travel Assistance team can help connect you with the resources to meet your needs. Call or email to start the process of finding out which forms of assistance will be available.

Breast Center Travel Assistance
Telephone: 1.888.899.2288

New Orleans is a celebrated travel destination in itself. If you have downtime before treatment, or if your family has come along, then there are plenty of sites and activities available in the Crescent City. Published travel guides are easy to find, but you can also start planning with the following online travel resources:

“I travelled to New Orleans to this amazing hospital, after several failed breast reconstructions in the UK using implants. I was lucky enough to get to meet Dr. DellaCroce in London whilst he was here at a conference. I immediately felt confident in him and although I was nervous about traveling to New Orleans for surgery, it was the one of the best decisions I have ever made and worth every single mile. This hospital and its dedicated surgeons, nurses and staff, leave no stone unturned, they literally think of everything. Dr. DellaCroce is a stunning surgeon, his skill and artistry must rate him as one of the world’s most experienced and talented breast reconstruction surgeons. I was totally in awe. I had a bilateral DIEP flap procedure and was well enough to travel back to the UK seven days after surgery. I have had a complication free recovery and totally feel restored by these amazing people. There are no words to enable me to express my gratitude… Make this hospital your hospital of choice if you can, you will not regret it.”