BRCA/Preventative Mastectomy Photos

BRCA/Preventative Mastectomy Photos

The “BRCA gene” is a well-known genetic abnormality that can lead to a very high risk of breast cancer in affected families. The modern era of detection afforded by simple blood tests, including those offered by services such as “23 and Me”, Myriad Genetics and others, has led to increasing public awareness in this area. Several other genetic “markers” (“CHEK2”, “PALB2”, etc.)can also put women (and men) at high risk for breast cancer. Modern preventive or “prophylactic” mastectomy can reduce this risk substantially. When combined with superior breast reconstruction techniques, the breast can emerge with a near scarless impact and the associated long-term health profile allows those considering intervention a measure of control over their inherited risk of breast cancer

The following contains images of advanced surgical breast reconstruction results and includes nudity.

Before & After Bilateral Nipple Sparing Mastectomy and Implant Breast Reconstruction

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