Letters and Notes from Our Patients

Letters and Notes from Our Patients


It’s not always easy to find positives after being diagnosed with breast cancer, but finding these doctors was definitely a fortunate thing for me! The doctors and all of the staff at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and the St. Charles Surgical Hospital are truly amazing in their skill and dedication to their patients! It might sound cliche, but you actually feel like you have just been to visit a friend when you leave there! Feeling confident and BEAUTIFUL is a gift from God! Regaining that confidence and beauty after Breast Cancer is a gift from the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery! A special thank you goes out to Dr. Sullivan and Celeste for your fabulous care and friendship. May God Bless You Both!



In this place, the doctors and nurses are all truly amazing! The work they do and the way they treat patients is as if you are the only patient. Dr. Wise was my doctor just a couple of weeks ago; he was so compassionate and took all my worries away. It was the most amazing work. It was almost unbelievable when I came out of surgery. I will have stage 2 surgery soon and I’m really looking forward to being there again. It is like no other. I highly recommend this place for anyone dealing with breast cancer. When I left this hospital it was like saying goodbye to family. So glad, through all my consultations, I chose this place.



Love Dr. Wise… one of the most amazing doctors ever. So kind and ATTENTIVE to his patients, and does amazing work. Being a BRCA 1 patient, I just wish I had met him at the beginning of my journey, so glad to have him and the Center with me to finish through to the end.



The best of the best! Dr. Trahan gave me hugs back. I had awful hard implants from a ten year old reconstruction. I wouldn’t hug people because I was embarrassed to have them feel the hardness. It was like having two rocks attached to my chest. Dr. Trahan told at FORCE conference that he could fix it. I put my trust and FAITH in him and his team. The single best decision I ever made! Thank you Dr. Trahan, I have my hugs back!!!



Dr. DellaCroce’s PASSION to help women in this area radiates through him. His confident and calm demeanor was contagious. I walked into The Center thinking about chopping my breasts off and walked out excited about new possibilities. I had my first double mastectomy and reconstruction this past September and had a second procedure for corrections this past week. Yesterday, I took off my bandages and really took a look at my new breasts and I stood there in shock. They are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. But what is most amazing is that I was content with my first pair prior this recent procedure. I had no idea they could get better because my doctors had already done such a wonderful job. And I am still trying to figure out how my original scars “magically” disappeared… talk about a Christmas present! My girlfriends are so tired of my boasting and it has only been one day. I never thought I would make non-gene defected women jealous. I am not normally one to brag, but bragging rights were earned here.



I was a patient of Dr. Scott Sullivan about twelve years ago. What he did for me was a MIRACLE. After suffering for six years with different implants, this was my last hope. I was allergic to any foreign objects in my body, so I was out of options. These guys are miracle workers. I never looked or felt so normal until he performed my surgeries. It’s usually a three surgery process and pretty painful, but OH SO WORTH the outcome. No more pain, no more problems!!! I’m sure they have made so much progress in these procedures now, so to anybody in need of reconstruction, I highly recommend checking these guys out. You won’t regret it, and unlike with implants that have to be changed out every twelve to fifteen years, this will never require another surgery!! God Bless These Guys for what they do.