A Letter From a Patient

Good Morning Dr. Trahan!

I have thought of you often during the last two months and just wanted you to know that I thank God for you and everyone else there on a pretty regular basis.  I hope you are doing well and that you are being blessed the same way you bless all of us and our families also with your gift of restoration.

Hard to believe it has only been two months and a few days since my last surgery.  Because of economic reasons, I started work three weeks after my surgery and although the long hours did not feel good to my donor site, the rest of me felt pretty awesome.

Everyday, when I see myself, I thank God for all of you and everything you did for me (and my sister).  I feel complete, whole and beautiful.  When I originally told you what my previous doctor said:  “I don’t think anyone out there can do anything better for you than what I did”, you said:  “I’ll take him on.” and two months later – just like the day of my first surgery, I am so happy that I chose you as my Doctor and SCSH and staff as my hospital.  You took him on and then some!  I cannot wait to see his face when he takes a look at what you and the team were able to do for me!

I tell everyone I have the opportunity to about all of you!  I have even shown some the amazing transformation.  I am truly so grateful that the words on this email do not begin to express my gratitude!

Eventually, I am thinking I may do a little tattooing, something pretty and feminine to celebrate this journey and that will be the icing on the cake.  Till then, I am more than pleased with the new me!

Again, thank you so much!  I hope you have a wonderful day!