Methyl Graphic

Epigenetic Harmony: Unraveling The Secrets Of DNA Methylation

Epigenetics is the study of stable changes in cell function that do not involve alterations in the sequence of DNA (genetic code). Therefore, the DNA genetic code remains the same but there is a change in the function of the cell that does not involve mutations or a change in the code. Epigenetics has begun to take on increasing clinical importance in the last decade….

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measuring data chart

To Measure or not Measure the Progesterone Receptor, that is the Question

The regulation of progesterone receptor (PR) expression is governed by the estrogen receptor (ER), while PR, in turn, affects ER expression. The presence of PR in a tumor indicates that the ERα pathway is active and functioning normally, and PR plays a critical role in maintaining cell integrity, growth, and proliferation. …

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the horizon of cancer treatment

Gazing Over the Horizon at Cancer Treatment

Looking ahead, it seems that genetics will continue to play a crucial role beyond simply assessing risk and treating known oncogenes. In my view, the ultimate goal is to develop genetic treatments for existing cancers….

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