Julie has been battling breast cancer and just received the news from her doctor that she is now cancer-free. Dr. Sullivan speaks to WWLTV about her journey through breast cancer and her road to recovery with a double mastectomy and Immediate Breast Reconstruction here at the Breast Center.… Read More

Two breast cancer survivors describe their experience from diagnosis to mastectomy. They speak about the tough decisions they made and the journey they took to restoring their breasts. The Breastoration organization also speaks about their commitment to providing funding, advocacy, and other support to ensure women have access to this life-changing surgery. Watch the video here.… Read More

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It’s not always easy to find positives after being diagnosed with breast cancer, but finding these doctors was definitely a fortunate thing for me! The doctors and all of the staff at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and the St. Charles Surgical Hospital are truly amazing in their skill and dedication to their patients!… Read More

I traveled to New Orleans after several failed attempts at implant breast reconstruction in the UK. After nearly two years of various surgeries I was tired, still breast less and unsatisfied. I knew my chest did not define me, but at 46 I so wanted natural looking breasts again and the next option for me would be autologous flap surgery.… Read More

Flying—on a wing and a prayer—to New Orleans for breast reconstruction and to regain control of her life.… Read More

Some of the best ways my own friends helped me while I was having surgeries, enduring chemotherapy, and receiving daily radiation was by taking the load off my “normal” life.… Read More