Eva's Journey

Eva’s Journey

I am so blessed to have found a group of doctors at CRBS who are phenomenal in their attention to detail and helping me and many women who have been affected by breast cancer feel and look their best!…

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Lisa Gillespie’s Story

One year ago, July 15, 2019, I packed my bags and headed from Toronto to New Orleans to the Center For Restorative Breast Surgery. Very excited that a surgery I had been putting off would be done…

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Caren Siegler

Being Fearless

Caren is not only a breast cancer survivor—she’s a thriver. In her blog post, “Battles, Scars, and Perspective,” Caren reflects on her journey and embracing her body’s transformation as a reminder of her battles. She shares intimate insight about what it truly means to love yourself and encourages readers to, “wear their scars knowing they tell your amazing story.” Our team at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery is thankful to be part of her story and the place where her solution was ultimately found…

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Jackie's Delayed Breast Reconstruction Journey

Jackie’s Delayed Breast Reconstruction Journey

I have started this post about 7 times. And deleted it. It was difficult to revisit those dark memories from 2016-2018. So, I did what I always do—talked it over with God and asked for His direction. He revealed to me this morning that I was viewing things from the wrong perspective. Yes, I have anxiety/panic-triggering memories connected to my bilateral nipple/skin sparing mastectomies….

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