The Value of Collaboration with Dr. Wise

The Value of Collaboration with Dr. Wise


Dr. Wise: One of my favorite things about working at the Breast Center is the team approach we have to breast cancer care. 

It really is a collaborative process between myself and the breast surgical oncologist. The patients come in, and they see us together. We plan all aspects of the procedure together. We plan where the incisions are going to be located, can the nipples be saved, and how the reconstructive portion of the procedure should proceed. 

And then it’s the same thing in the operating room. We work together. We work together planning the incisions, executing the incisions, and executing the reconstruction, which really gives the patients the best overall cancer outcome, as well as the best aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Wise shares the value of the collaborative team approach used at the Breast Center. From the initial consultation through execution of the surgery, the surgeons and breast surgical oncologists plan and execute each step together in order to provide the best overall outcome for each patient.