Laurie’s Story: From Patient to Team Member

Laurie’s Story: From Patient to Team Member


Doster: I am a breast cancer survivor, a former patient of the Breast Center and St. Charles Surgical Hospital, and a registered nurse and, now, an RN at the same hospital I was operated on. 

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I researched my surgical options. I knew of the Breast Center and its unique hospital through conversations with healthcare professionals and, over the years, consistently heard of the standard of excellence maintained by the surgeons and staff.

I met with another surgeon at a major facility before I made my choice, and at the end of the appointment, I asked him, “If it was your wife who needed a mastectomy and reconstruction, who would you recommend?” And without hesitation, he said St. Charles Surgical Hospital. 

Now, remember, I’m a nurse, and nurses can be difficult patients, but immediately I realized that I was at a center of excellence and compassion, which allowed me to relax. I had a smooth recovery and am more than pleased with my results. 

So, why did I want to work here? I wanted to be a part of this exceptional team, and luckily for me, there was an opening. I’ve been a nurse for many years, but for me, this has been the most gratifying, not only the ability to care for my patients but to provide encouragement. Oftentimes when patients realize that not that long ago I had the same surgery that they are having, I see a smile on their face when I tell them, “You got this.” When patients express their appreciation for their care, I tell them it makes me feel good to help them, and it really does.

Breast cancer survivor Laurie Doster is a former patient of the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and now works as a registered nurse here at the Breast Center. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she researched her surgical options, had conversations with other healthcare professionals, and continued to hear about the standard of excellence at the Breast Center. Hear Laurie’s unique story and how she eventually came to work with the same team that cared for her during her breast cancer journey.