Care Navigator Liz Markey Explains her Patient Education Process

Liz Markey is the care navigator at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery. Her role is to begin the process, answer questions and create a realistic expectation for breast reconstruction. Her knowledge is invaluable, here she shares insights.

Questions asked of Liz Markey and when they appear in the video

What does a Care Navigator do? (1:38)
What factors make someone not a candidate for reconstruction? (2:46)
What about women who need corrective reconstruction? (3:40)
What would cause someone to have that much reconstruction? (6:15)
What is the typical reconstruction experience like? (7:02)
How hard is it to plan for reconstruction in a different city? (8:18)
How do they handle the logistics of traveling? (9:44)
What about post-op? (11:18)
Is the patient on their own when it comes to insurance? (12:33)
What kind of procedures do you discuss with the patient? (13:31)
Do patients start the process not knowing a lot about it? (14:36)
What about patients preparing for a preemptive mastectomy? (15:32)
What advice would you give to someone who was just diagnosed? (17:29)
Are more offices using patients educators? (19:13)
What do you see as the role of an educator? (20:37)
What about women who had a lumpectomy? (21:29)
Do you have to repair as well? (25:14)
What about women with implants? What are the risks for them? (25:45)