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For our out of town patients, the thought of traveling far from their support system for medical care can be overwhelming. We employ full-time patient support staff who will work with you in planning your flight, accommodations, transportation, meals and even sight-seeing should time allow. Our goal is to make your care at our Center as easy as possible.

We also have resources available for patients who need help to enable them to travel, such economic issues as job retention, transportation to medical treatment and child care.

Contact us for more information or begin your search by using our online travel resources:

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Telephone: 1.888.899.2288

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The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery was established to serve as a dedicated center of excellence for women seeking the most advanced methods of breast reconstruction. Scott Sullivan, M.D., FACS; Frank DellaCroce, M.D., FACS; Chris Trahan, M.D., FACS; M. Whitten Wise, M.D. and Craig Blum, M.D. are pioneers in the art of rebuilding breasts lost to cancer, preventive mastectomy, developmental defects, and deformities associated with previous surgery. Their sophisticated microsurgical techniques allow for recreation of the breast with natural tissue while preserving strength and restoring beauty. Together, with Board Certified Breast Surgical Oncologists Alan Stolier, M.D., FACS and W. Karl Ordoyne, M.D., FACS, they comprise a group of international leaders in breast cancer surgery options, pioneering groundbreaking procedures including nipple sparing mastectomy, the Stacked DIEP, the gluteal hip flap, and the revolutionary BODY LIFT Flap®. They have performed thousands of breast reconstruction procedures for women facing breast cancer, seeking BRCA risk reduction, or searching for solutions to existing breast deformities. Their Center is tailored and staffed to cater to the needs of clientele who travel from all over the world for their services.

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